Brands are always interested in knowing what really excites the consumer. and that is why they want to know, through the application of neuromarketing techniques, what is in everyone’s subconscious, since this is behind more than 80% of purchasing decisions. Through these techniques, we can know:

  • What catches the attention of customers when they look at us and what things go unnoticed?
  • What kind of emotions do you feel when observing our brand?
  • What to do to turn a purchase into a satisfactory customer experience?


Basically, neuromarketing takes brain processes linked to sensory perception, to perform analysis and provide answers so that we know how to operate with our brands.


In that sense, with neuromarketing applied to brands, we can:

  • Eliminate blurring in what you really want to achieve, through the identification of consumer behaviors in real scenarios of contact with the different brands.
  • Integrate consumer perceptions and assessments in their contact with our brand, in the creation of a value proposition towards it.
  • Measure how much visual attention the consumer has with our brand.
  • Look at consumers as a whole, in their relationships with our brand and competition, but observe them internally and not from outside.

Our laboratory is very complete and has fixed equipment and mobile equipment, to carry out work at points of sale.

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