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Balboa Centria - Marketing Digital Agency in Latin America

    Your Challenges, Our Passion


We empower businesses
to succeed online

About us

We are a multidisciplinary team of more than 60 professionals, committed to achieving your goals and capable of understanding your clients’ needs.

Our 20+ years of experience in marketing and digital transformation allows us to analyze insights and marketing levers; helping departments optimize their strategy while converting their data into accelerated sales.

So far, we have worked in more than 30 countries and have a physical presence in Spain, Latin America, and the U.S.; producing more than 500 digital projects, in the following sectors: retail, nutrition, insurance, fashion, education, transportation, government, banking, and others.

  • Digital transformation

    We cover the needs of your company in a market in which processes, strategies, and even products are continually changing.

  • Marketing & Business Intelligence

    The key factor of success: working with integrated data ensures better performance of the strategy.

  • We generate quality traffic

    We develop campaigns to reach our targeted audience through Google Ads, display, social media, and others.

  • We focus on the CRO

    We optimize the ratios and conversion processes of the different campaigns or CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

  • Marketing Automation

    We design an automated customer journey that we segment according to  types of client.

  • Relational marketing

    Attract and retain customers through the power of content.

  • Neuromarketing

    The advancement of neuroscience allows us to measure the preferences of consumers accurately.

  • Digital Value Chain

    We’ll develop your business plan using LEAN methodologies.



Our Focus



Nowadays the amount of data available increases in tandem with market pressures. In Balboa Centria we take decisions backed up with numbers and based on our analysis, providing effective and relevant results for our clients.



There is no innovation without creativity. We pride ourselves for being a group of creative individuals thinking constantly out of the box, bringing to our awareness new advertising techniques in this ever-changing environment.


Before any campaign starts, there must be a high level plan defining the goals to achieve and the method to use according to the client’s needs and requests. Our specialists are able to strategise campaigns based on past best practices and new trends.


Brand Identity defines what your brand stands for. In Balboa Centria we analyse our client’s vision in order to understand what they want to become in the future and what emotions they want people to experience when they come into contact with their brand.

Leadership Team

Néstor Romero

Néstor Romero

Managing Partner
Javier Cacho

Javier Cacho

Managing Partner
Enrico Montalbano

Enrico Montalbano

Head of Performance
María Fernanda Hernández

María Fernanda Hernández

Digital Strategy Manager
María A. Velazco

María A. Velazco

Process Improvement Manager
Zulmerys Manzanillo

Zulmerys Manzanillo

Social Networks Manager
Félix Urnaga

Félix Urnaga

Creative Director

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